Cancer Prevention Day

Callie Strickland recently represented The Moore Charitable Foundation at National Cancer Prevention Day earlier this month in IMG_0354Washington, DC.  Callie was impressed by The Cannon Caucus Room filled with students, activists, scientists, and government officials. Bill Couzens, founder of Less Cancer and National Cancer Prevention Day, and Dr. Margaret Cuomo, Less Cancer board member and certified radiologist, organized an engaging and informative program. Bill shared his vision for a world with less cancer and his desire to protect future generations from preventable health risks. Jon Whelan, recipient of the Less Cancer Leadership award, exposed the “cancer loophole” regarding toxic products in the marketplace. Companies do not have to disclose dangerous ingredients, leaving consumers in the dark about health risks. Jon remarked, “Congress needs to close the cancer loophole so that we have informed consumers, safer products and most importantly, less cancer.” Veronique Pittman, Less Cancer Board Member and founder of the Green Schools Alliance, emphasized the connection between the environment and human health. She noted, “It is time to seriously reassess a culture that places more emphasis on profit than human health and the environment.” Dr. David Katz, Internist and Preventive Medicine specialist, delivered a moving speech stressing that, despite a commonly held misconception, there are many opportunities for cancer prevention.

We are proud to support the Less Cancer Campaign, as it raises awareness that ultimately works to protect the environment, human health and the economy.


National Cancer Prevention Day

image001On Wednesday February 4, Callie Strickland will represent The Moore Charitable Foundation in Washington DC for Less Cancer’s National Cancer Prevention Day. This marks the fourth year of the groundbreaking resolution introduced by Representative Steve Israel to bring attention to cancer prevention. Bill Couzens, founder of Less Cancer and Cancer Prevention Day, has changed the conversation by focusing on the root causes of cancer, which can be inextricably linked the the toxins in our food and environment. Air and water pollution from coal plants, car exhaust, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, untreated sewage and urban runoff have have resulted in increased health risks. On Wednesday Margaret Cuomo, author of A World Without Cancer, will moderate the panel discussion. If you are in Washington on Wednesday, please join us to learn how we can stop cancer before it starts.