Support Your Conservation Hero: Colorado Gives Day 2016

Stand up for your conservation hero: On Tuesday, December 6th, for the seventh year in a row, will celebrate the annual Colorado Gives Day to encourage an increase in philanthropy throughout the state of Colorado.  The movement is a forum for giving to nonprofits & fundraising organizations, backed by a $1 Million Incentive Fund and created by the partners Community First Foundation and First Bank. It’s one of the largest Gives Day incentive funds in the country, and the database of charities allows users to log in, search, find information and donate to Colorado charitable organizations, all year round.

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-10-14-51-amLouis Bacon and The Trinchera Blanca and Tercio Foundations are proud to partner with many great organizations in Colorado who are addressing a broad spectrum of conservation needs, from preserving open spaces and advancing prescribed burning best practices, to networking ranchers and landowners, and inspiring the next generation of conservation leaders. Here are a few that we would encourage you to check out – and support this Colorado Gives Day:

  • The Colorado Open Lands preserves the significant open lands and natural heritage of Colorado. They work with private and public landowners to place voluntary agreements called ‘conservation easements,’ which means that the landowner is responsible for the space, water, wildlife and preservation on their own land, ranch or farm.
  • The Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts is a voice for the community who work in conjunction with the public to help preserve Colorado’s productive farms, ranches and natural resources. To date, the organization has preserved almost 2 million acres of land.
  • Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust works specifically with individual ranchers and farmers in an effort to protect their valuable agricultural lands and help the adjustment of their ranches of farms as they are passed through family generations.  By doing so, they are working towards the support of Colorado’s productive ranching heritage in these rural communities. Their goal is to raise $5 million to help preserve Colorado’s renowned farming heritage.
  • Western Landowner’s Alliance ensures that businesses owned by both private and public landowners continue to  prosper from their native lands. The organization protects the deconstruction of natural habitats which inhibits the health and growth of wildlife species, and overall ecological health of the agricultural lands. They do this by providing educational resources, they work with state and federal land management agencies to develop practices that incentivize conservation action on their lands.

To find out more about Colorado Gives Day on December 6th and how you can get involved, visit And here’s to our conservation champions!

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