A Better Tomorrow. Supporting Climate Week New York City 2015

NYC_ClimateWeekRenewable Energy. Sustainability. Reliable Conservation. The Moore Charitable Foundation is proud to support our partners during Climate Week New York City (September 21 – 28, 2015) as they collaborate to ensure a low-carbon future, a prosperous and healthy environment, and a cleaner, smarter future.

Fifteen years ago, more than 100 nations came together to create and adopt the Millennium Development Goals in order to change the world for the better. These eight goals laid the groundwork to take charge of the problems plaguing our planet: end extreme poverty, promote gender equality and empower women, reduce child mortality and ensure environmental sustainability, just to name a few. This September, as Climate Week New York City approaches, world leaders will convene with a new agenda to set new goals. The groundwork has been laid and the time to act is upon us.

Together with our partners, such as Oceana, Sierra Club, NRDC and Waterkeeper Alliance, among others, we support efforts to make 2015 a turning point in the history of our planet. This is the time for business and government leaders to stand side-by-side and take bold action to bring renewable energy and low-carbon technologies to the forefront of our economies. This is the time for us to create a future of clean water in our rivers, lakes and oceans, to protect diminishing animal populations, to ensure sustainable agriculture, to end illegal poaching and to take the next necessary steps to protect people and our planet.

The conversations we have today will not only impact our planet tomorrow, but will set the tone for the United Nations discussions on the Sustainable Development Goals also taking place during Climate Week New York City.

We believe these conversations can lead to remarkable progress when commitment turns into action. Innovative leaders can use this high-profile international platform to inform policymakers about the global climate deal talks taking place in Paris in December at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21).

It’s time to turn words into actions and actions into climate victories. Find out more about what our partners are doing and let your voice be heard. Together, a better tomorrow is ours.

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