The Moore Bahamas Foundation Supports Shark Education Week 2015

Louis Bacon’s Moore Bahamas Foundation (MBF) was proud to support the third annual Stony Brook University School of Marine Science/Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF) Shark Education Program in the Bahamas recently. Dr. Demian Chapman from Stony Brook University as well as Marcia Musgrove and Chantal Curtis from BREEF led visits to several local schools to raise awareness about the importance of sharks in the Bahamas. The interactive presentations encouraged participation and fostered excitement about protecting sharks – one of the Bahamas’ most precious resources.

Mr. Bacon is a committed environmental conservationist and established the The Moore Bahamas Foundation (MBF) to support Bahamian education, conservation, youth environmental and health organizations. MBF supports environmental youth education efforts so that the next generation will understand the importance of protecting the spectacular and fragile marine environment in the Bahamas. MBF provides funding to BREEF for a Research and Environmental Education Coordinator, enabling more local students to directly experience their marine environment through hands-on learning.

In 2011, the Bahamian government passed groundbreaking legislation banning the commercial capture and trade of sharks, establishing the Bahamas as a shark sanctuary. The Shark Education Program raises awareness about the interconnectedness of wildlife habitats and the significance of this apex predator to the health of marine habitats. Thank you to BREEF and Dr. Chapman for educating and inspiring the next generation of marine conservationists in the Bahamas.

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