New York Harbor School Awards Dinner 2015

We were inspired by students, teachers and graduates honored at the Harbor School Awards Dinner last week. With advocates image001and supporters, we celebrated the New York Harbor School and the innovative Billion Oyster Project.

The visionary Billion Oyster Project (BOP) is a large-scale plan to restore one billion live oysters to New York Harbor over the next twenty years. Oysters were the original ecosystem engineers of New York Harbor, improving the marine environment by filtering water, removing nitrogen, and providing habitat for other marine species. Today, oysters are practically extinct in NY Harbor due to overharvesting, dredging and pollution.

Louis Bacon and The Moore Charitable Foundation are proud to support the Billion Oyster Project which will engage thousands of local students while restoring the Harbor. BOP will return oysters and their reef habitat back to restore the harbor’s natural maintenance mechanisms, resulting in cleaner water and greater biodiversity. To date BOP has grown 11.5 million oysters, restored 1.05 acres of reef, recycled 93,600 pounds of shells, and filtered 10.9 trillion gallons of water in our Harbor.

Congratulations and thank you, Murray, Harbor School and all the students for their hard work and dedication to clean water.

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