Bahamas Reef Environment Education Foundation

bcpic4A few weeks ago, Moore Charitable Foundation had the opportunity to meet with Bahamas Reef Environment Education Foundation’s (BREEF) Executive Director, Casuarina McKinney, and their new Field Studies Coordinator, Falon Catwright.  With funding from The Moore Bahamas Foundation, Falon joined BREEF last year and has already made a big impact. In March, Falon lead a series of student field trips including visits to bonefish ponds and mangroves as well as snorkeling at Stuart Cove. Students were able to engage with their environment in new ways and learn the significance of protecting natural resources for those to come.  Falon will lead series of camps this summer and continue to engage students with nature through outdoor educational activities.  I look forward to seeing what Falon and BREEF can accomplish as they continue to raise awareness about the Bahamas’ most important environmental issues through outreach and education.

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