Partners Committed to Protecting Sharks

When we were introduced a couple of years ago to Demian Chapman, a leading expert in marine conservation and an Assistant Professor at SUNY’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, he opened our eyes to the dire condition of many species of sharks.Sharks are critical in helping maintain the natural balance and health of the marine environment. Sharks are threatened for a variety of reasons but many large species have declined because of unsustainable fishing to supply the Asian dried seafood trade, where shark fins are used in the delicacy shark fin soup. image001

In 2013 and 2014, The Moore Charitable Foundation supported research expeditions in the Bahamas. This year’s expedition, led by Demian, included a revolutionary study on the movements and behavioral patterns of oceanic whitetip sharks, one of the species most threatened by the shark fin trade.Demian and his research team worked to map shark habitats and nursery sites, gather genetic samples, and track endangered shark species like the oceanic whitetip.

Understanding sharks’ behaviors and migration patterns is just one step in a long journey to help secure their future. The information gathered during this research expedition will continue to promote the protection of the species and the role they play in maintaining the health of our delicate marine ecosystem.

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