Committed to Protecting our Oceans

Photo courtesy of Oceana

Photo courtesy of Oceana

In Washington, D.C., The Moore Charitable Foundation met with some of the most enthusiastic and tenacious women in ocean conservation: Marianna Shearer, Senior Director of Donor Relations, Dominique Cano-Stocco, Campaign Director, Responsible Fishing, and Claire Douglass, Campaign Director, Climate & Energy, to discuss Oceana’s commitment to the world’s oceans. We celebrated recent successes in legislation to protect sharks and ban shark finning, including New York’s 2013 ban of shark fin trade. Please watch the trailer for Drill, Spill, Repeat?, Oceana’s new documentary outlining the horrific damage caused by the BP oil spill 4 years ago, and take action to ensure that the Atlantic does not become the next site for offshore drilling and spilling.

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