Waterkeeper Alliance’s “Riverkeeper Sweep” Helps Clean Up the Hudson River


Volunteers participate in the “Riverkeeper Sweep,” one of the biggest day of service for the Hudson River
Photo courtesy James D’Addio

On Saturday, May 11, more than 1,380 volunteers participated in the 2nd annual “Riverkeeper Sweep” and removed over 36 tons of trash from more than 70 shorelines from Brooklyn all the way to Albany, and planted 300 trees and shrubs.

The 2nd annual Sweep tripled last year’s turnout and was the biggest day of service this year for the Hudson River.

As part of the Waterkeeper Alliance SPLASH series, presented nationally by Toyota, volunteers and advocates nationwide are stepping up this spring and summer to highlight ways we can make our waterways healthier for wildlife, and safer for swimming, fishing and drinking.

The bottom line: our river, its estuary and its watershed are cleaner today!

So what’s next? Stay involved. The Riverkeeper Sweep happens once a year but the river needs you all year round.

Do you want fish that are abundant—and safe to eat? Do you want water that is consistently safe for swimming?

Working together, we can make it so.

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